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Light houses were built to show seamen where the land points were, and to keep the ships off the rocks.But i guess you have to be looking for them to be of help to you.

You have to be careful when you are on the water.

ORCA the name given to one of the most beautiful
of all the whales
often called the killer whale they live together in pods.

They eat a variety of food, like fish, seals, and birds when they get a chance.
The ORCA's are beautiful black and white pattern.

SEAHORSES An odd looking sea creature,And, his looks is not the only thing about the seahorse that is a little odd.
Did you know that the male seahorse has the babies.

the SHARK a dweller of the deep
he hides in the shadows and hunts for food
his diet consists of many things.He has a bad name, but remember, when you go into the ocean, you are entering into someone else's home.
the sea turtle, is one of the many sea creatures which need our protection, to make sure they are always around, for years to come. The whales are also one of the many sea creatures that need our protection, many were hunted and killed to the point they were nearly wiped out.
Now since you have had a wonderful day at the ocean,
let me leave you with a word of advice
make sure you leave everything
just as you found it or.... Please remember when you are at the ocean
or at the beach there are animal police like this guy
and he gets really mad when you throw trash in his yard.


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