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Welcome to the country, we are glad you could come for a visit
there is always cold sodas , the light is always on,
and there is always soft paper, cause after the long drive i know you will have to freshen up.

This is especially true for the kids and the older folks. There may be a small wait, cause sometimes, it is so comfortable they feel right at home.

Before you go, i would like you to meet some of my family,

First there is my Granpa, he works very hard at the airport and when he gets home,
he likes to relax and read the newspaper.

Next, there is my Mean Granma, she has lots of fish ponds in the yard,

there are hundreds of frogs of all kinds bullfrogs and water frogs and a couple kinds of tree frogs that live there,
and lots of lizards too.

This is my Daddy's truck, he owns his own truck, and takes me for a ride sometimes. He works very hard.

He also has a wrecker and helps people who are broke down.

I love to ride in my Daddys trucks, it is so much fun.

I also have two Uncles

This is my Uncle Tooky, he likes to fish when he isn't working, he has placed between 1st, and 10 this year in the tournaments. He ended up in 2nd over all for the year.

This is my Uncle Smoky, He works constructiion and helps builds houses.